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About Us

Since 1997 Textbook Brokers has been committed to excellence. We define excellence by our commitment to customer service. We understand that college is an expense which can become a burden to both students and their parents. We feel that by keeping the cost low on textbooks that more students will be able to better afford to continue their education. In 2005, John Beecher started Broncho Books so that UCO students would have a lower priced alternative to the bookstores in Edmond. The lower prices and better service were in such high demand that he needed a second location, so he opened the Textbook Brokers location on University Drive in 2007. That same spirit of providing lower-priced materials and superior customer service is still the driving force behind Textbook Brokers today! It's the reason there are countless testimonials from students that swear by Textbook Brokers for all their course material needs. Textbook Brokers gives back to the community and wants to be involved in the activities that matter to you. Let us know how we can help!

We look forward to serving you!